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A new segment by PBS’ Ivette Feliciano explores how and why clothing for gender non-conforming people is on the rise.

Featuring our very own Handsome Butch on Tumblr.

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can anyone take me to philly on the 18th… pls I need to see Stromae…. for my well-being

American fans… anyone ? :D 





I know some of these have already been posted but i haven’t been able to watch them until now :(

I just want to say I would love to have him sing to me in english allll night long ;)

Reblogging, of course, for the day I’m finally conversant in French. I’ve just started learning, so I kind of understand a little a what’s being said at the beginning. (Ça va?…)

Stromae has such a pleasant baritone speaking voice, doesn’t he? It’s nice to listen, even though I don’t understand.

But I have to ask, why do the French call him “Stroma-ay”? Not that that’s any better than in America, where he’s mostly called “Stromay”. 

Ooo yes his voice is very pleasant. Like even though I can’t understand him, I’ll listen to whole 30 minute videos because…well not even just because of his voice, he just seems so nice in everything he says and you can tell he thinks about everything he says. It’s nice to see that. Also I hate how Americans say his name 😒 there’s no accent or effort. I wish they at least said it like stro-my…

paizlea when he became famous in France, journalists started to call him “Stroma-ay” instead of “stromay” but he didn’t say to them that they were wrong… (apparently, he didn’t really care) so now some people say “stroma-ay” and others who know the real pronunciation say “stromay” ;)

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